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Over 40 years training Australia’s best pilots!

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Explore our commercial pilot licence, instrument rating, instructor rating and signature double diploma programme.

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See Flight One’s fleet of more than 30 Cessna, Cirrus, Piper and Beechcraft aircraft, encompassing recreation, training, hire and charter.


Why Study with Flight One?

Flight One School of Aviation is a renowned Australian flight school with a 40-year legacy, built on unparalleled expertise and long-standing reputation for producing skilled and safe pilots.

Unique Syllabus

Our 200-hour commercial pilot license syllabus stands out as the premier choice in pilot training, offering an extra 50 hours of invaluable flight experience compared to competitors’ 150-hour programs. With our extended training, you’ll not only meet the industry’s highest standards but also gain the confidence and competence necessary to excel in the dynamic world of commercial aviation.

Extensive Fleet

At Flight One aircraft fleet of 30+ modern aircraft provides a distinct advantage for aspiring pilots training with us. With access to a diverse range of planes, from single-engine to advanced multi-engine aircraft, our students benefit from a hands-on experience that enhances their training outcomes and prepares them for a successful career in aviation.

Perfect for Flight

Flight One School of Aviation’s campuses in Brisbane and Gold Coast offer an unparalleled advantage in pilot training. Not only do our students enjoy a high quality of life in these vibrant Australian cities, but they also enjoy excellent weather conditions and diverse airspace environments, providing them with a well-rounded education and the skills needed to navigate a variety of real-world flying scenarios.

Flight Training for 40 Years.

Over the last 40 years, Flight One School of Aviation has established a solid, industry-recognised reputation for producing commercially ready career pilots.

Students benefit from a team of highly skilled, dynamic and experienced instructors utilising a diverse fleet of training aircraft, blended learning methodologies and a syllabus that is uniquely ours.

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Gap Free Double Diploma?

Combine the Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument rating in our signature double qualification, with more flight hours and wider aircraft choice – designed for employability.

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Our campuses are located in south-east Queensland, with access to some of the worlds best aviation training airspace and fine flying conditions year round.

Brisbane’s renowned lifestyle features incredible weather, friendly locals, city dining, nightlife and entertainment, and our Gold Coast campus boasts some of the world’s most spectacular beaches right on our door step!

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How to apply?

Applying to join one of our courses is easier than you might expect.
For additional detailed guidance, please visit the Apply FAQ →

Lodge your initial application

Check the course page carefully to make sure the course meets your career objectives and you understand the entry criteria, fees and other costs and payment options then jump onto our initial applications form – a simple form that let’s us pre-screen and provide a response quickly.

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Complete the Pilot Aptitude Test

In most cases, to enrol in a diploma course, you will be required to undertake a pilot aptitude test. We use the internationally recognised ADAPT. If your initial application is approved, we will provide instructions and advice regarding the pilot aptitude test and assist you with the process.

Want to learn more about the
ADAPT Pilot Aptitude Test? →

Offer & Acceptance

Upon successful completion of ADAPT step, you will complete the full application form and be offered a place in one of our intakes matched as closely as possible with your preferred commencement date. To proceed to book your seat in the course, accept the offer and pay any required initial fees.

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VET Student Loans

A VET Student Loan (VSL) helps eligible domestic students to cover tuition fees for our pilot training diploma courses.

VET Student Loans are only available to domestic students that meet the eligibility requirements and result in a debt to the Commonwealth that must be repaid.

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Our syllabus is unique to Flight One and is centred around realistic, scenario-based training. Developed by industry specialists this is a programme that gets you flying navigation exercises in just a few hours.

It’s not just about ticking the box. You will be employable and commercially ready. That’s why our pilots are in demand around the world.

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Information for Domestic Students


South East Queensland is a wonderful place to live, work and study. The weather is ideal for flying with over 300 days a year of great aviation weather.

Both Brisbane and Gold Coast offer city style living with a multitude of attractions, restaurants, bars, clubs as well as healthy lifestyle options including cycling, surfing, hiking, swimming to name a few.


Student and rental accommodation is available within a reasonable commute of our campuses and range from shared apartment living to full service homestay.

We recommend that you plan your accommodation well in advance of your arrival as availability is currently limited. If you are unsure about accommodation arrangements, we encourage you to get in touch and discuss your concerns. Whilst we are not able to directly arrange accommodation, we are happy to assist and provide advice or suggestions.

Please visit our Accommodation Page for further information and resources.

Application Process

Applying to join one of our courses is easier than you might expect. There are three main steps – an initial VET application to validate you for entry into a Vocational Education & Training diploma (including VET Student Loans if relevant); a Pilot Aptitude Test for entry into the Flight School; and finally, an aviation medical examination.

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Check the course page carefully to make sure the course meets your career objectives and you understand the entry criteria.
  2. Jump onto our free online VET application form located at www.flightone.edu.au/apply. Complete the form and upload your supporting documents then submit it to our admissions team. This is the only acceptable way to apply.
  3. After reviewing your submission, we will advise you of the outcome of your initial VET application. If your VET application is successful, you will be invited to move on to the pilot aptitude assessment stage.
  4. Once you have completed the pilot aptitude assessment, you will be advised of the outcome. If you are accepted into the Flight School, you will be provided with assistance to complete the enrolment process and meet the aviation medical and security requirements.
Aviation Medical & Security

Both a Class 1 and Class 2 Aviation Medical Examination is required to be submitted prior to course commencement.

The medical examination is to be conducted by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).

You can visit CASA’s website to learn more about the requirements for obtaining an aviation medical here:

Please note the class 1 medical can take up to eight weeks to be processed by CASA; however the class 2 medical can be issued on the spot by selected doctors designated as a ‘DAME2’.
To avoid disruption to your training due to a lack of an active medical, please complete your examination with a DAME2.

You can locate a DAME2 by using the following link:

CASA Designated Aviation Medical Examiners can be located here:

Domestic Student Support Services

We want our students to have a great experience living in South East Queensland and studying with us.

Our training process, syllabus and schedule are easy to understand and our dedicated Student Services team is there to provide assistance every step of the way including advice regarding equipment, training schedule, VET Student Loans (if relevant), leave and academic support.


Apply to check your eligibility. It’s free.

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