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Are you ready to take your first exhilarating step into the world of aviation? Look no further than the Flight One Recreational Pilot License (RPL) course. At Flight One, we are committed to nurturing your passion for flying and helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a licensed recreational pilot. Our RPL course is designed to provide you with comprehensive training, unmatched safety standards, and a flexible learning program, ensuring that you embark on your aviation journey with confidence and skill.

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If you would like to fly for recreation, you need a recreational pilot licence (RPL). An RPL lets you fly a light, single-engine aircraft as the pilot in command, without supervision. Explore the CASA details →

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Qualification Overview


At Flight One, we understand the importance of training on state-of-the-art aircraft. That’s why we take pride in our diverse and well-maintained fleet of aircraft.

Soaring in our sleek Cessna 172 you’ll have access to the latest aviation technology. Our aircraft are equipped with advanced avionics, ensuring you gain experience with the tools and systems used in the industry today.

Safety Philosophy

Safety is the cornerstone of our training philosophy. At Flight One, we prioritize the well-being of our students, instructors, and everyone involved in our training programs.

Our safety standards are second to none, with rigorous maintenance checks, regular safety briefings, and a strong emphasis on developing a safety-first mindset in all our students. All our aircraft are equipped with advanced transponders and traffic alerting systems which improve flight safety during training. We believe that building a strong foundation in safety practices not only fosters responsible aviators but also enhances the enjoyment and confidence of our students as they take to the skies.

Why Flight One?

By choosing Flight One for your RPL course, you’re not just enrolling in a flight training school; you’re joining a community of aviation enthusiasts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our experienced and passionate instructors are committed to guiding you on your journey to becoming a licensed recreational pilot.

Embark on your aviation adventure with Flight One today and experience the thrill of flight, the dedication to safety, and the flexibility you need to make your dreams take flight. Your RPL is just the beginning of an incredible journey into the world of aviation.

*Successful completion of this course results in a CASA licence outcome and does not include an AQF NRT outcome.

Flexible Training Programme

We understand that life can be hectic, and scheduling can be challenging. That’s why Flight One offers a flexible training program that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a full-time student, a working professional, or have other commitments, our instructors will work with you to create a training schedule that suits your lifestyle. With both full-time and part-time options available, you can pursue your RPL at your own pace while ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction.

Our training program covers a wide range of essential aviation skills and knowledge, including:

  • Ground School: In-depth online instruction covering topics such as aerodynamics, meteorology, and aviation regulations.
  • Flight Training: Hands-on flying experience with our experienced instructors, where you’ll learn to operate our aircraft safely and confidently.
  • Navigation: Practical navigation exercises, including cross-country flights, to develop your piloting skills.
  • Emergency Procedures: Thorough training in handling emergency situations to ensure you can respond calmly and effectively.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: A deep understanding of aviation regulations and procedures to navigate the aviation world safely and legally.
  • Solo Flights: Opportunities to build confidence and experience through supervised solo flights.
  • Simulator Training: Access to advanced flight simulators to enhance your skills in a controlled environment.

Private Hire

Train With Us, Get Access to the Fleet

When you train with us and become proficient, by satisfying a general competency flight in your chosen aircraft, you can private hire from of our extensive fleet, including Cirrus SR20 & Cessna C172. Explore fees, See the Agreement →

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Course Details

Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements

To start training toward your RPL, you must be:

  • at least 16 years old; and
  • able to speak and understand English to at least an upper intermediate level; and
  • meet any criteria specified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Criteria

To receive approval to undertake flight training for this course, applicants must:

Note: An ARN is a simple process that involves corresponding with CASA and obtaining a unique CASA identifier. Please refer to the Aviation Reference Number (ARN) section on CASA’s website for instructions.

  • be eligible to obtain a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioners Certificate; and

Note: A valid Class 1 medical certificate is a is highly recommended if you are considering training toward a CPL. Details and further information are available from CASA – https://www.casa.gov.au/licences-and-certificates/aviation-medicals/medical-certificates.

  • be eligible to obtain an Australian Aviation Security Identity Card (ASIC); and

Note: Obtaining an ASIC requires police clearance by way of a background criminal check that can include:

    • National police check
    • Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission criminal assessment
    • Australian Security Intelligence Organisation national security assessment
    • Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system check

If you have significant criminal history, you may not be eligible to hold an ASIC.

ASIC applications require support for operational needs. This is provided to you by us after your successful enrolment along with instructions for lodging an ASIC application.

  • have sufficient English language ability to pass the aviation General English Language Assessment (GELP). This can be arranged and conducted in-house for your convenience.

Note: CASA has requirements for the minimum standards of English language. Trainees will undergo testing to gain CASA certification (at a minimum of level 4) of their aviation English standard during the early stages of the course if intending to continue on to the PPL training stage.

Process Overview

The process for gaining a Recreational Pilot Licence is as follows. Please explore the links to the CASA website for additional information.

1. Lodge an application

Applying is simple and there is no application fee. Apply using our online application form →

2. Sit the general English language assessment

As you will use an aeronautical radio, you will need to meet the aviation general English language proficiency (GELP). You only need to do this once and we usually arrange this inhouse when you commence.

Visit the CASA website to learn more about the GELP assessment.

3. Get the required aviation medical certificate

You will need a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioners Certificate (RAMPC). Learn more about the RAMPC on the CASA website.

4. Pass the RPL exam

You will need to pass the RPL theory exams. Learn more about RPL exams on the CASA website.

5. Complete at least 25 hours flying time

Complete your required flying time. This includes 20 hours dual and 5 hours as pilot-in-command.

6. Pass an RPL flight test and gain your RPL

Undertake your official flight test (included in your training) and receive your RPL.


Additional Information:

You will need a CASA Aviation Reference Number in order to get your aviation medical and English results. The ARN is simple and free. Apply for your ARN on the CASA website.

The RPL has several restrictions regarding passengers and flights that may be undertaken and is not internationally recognised. To gain additional independence, RPL holders will usually undertake additional training that is included in the PPL phase, or work toward gaining their PPL. Please seek additional information from the RPL page of the CASA website.


Flight One Aircraft Hire

Flight One Private Hire Program: Your Path to Independence

At Flight One, our commitment to your aviation journey doesn’t end with obtaining your license; it’s just the beginning. We are thrilled to introduce our Private Hire Program, exclusively available to our students who have successfully gained their licenses through our school.

With this program, you can now take your newfound skills and passion for flying to the next level. Imagine the freedom to choose from our extensive fleet of meticulously maintained aircraft, including the versatile Cessna 172 and the high-performance Cirrus SR20. Our Private Hire Program empowers you to explore the skies on your terms, offering unparalleled opportunities for adventure and personal growth as a pilot. It’s time to spread your wings and embark on your own aviation adventures with Flight One.

Explore rates and fees for Private Hire →

Explore Private Hire Agreement →

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