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A long and proud history of training pilots around the world!

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Tisdall Aviation Group began with a vision to deliver outstanding service to the aviation community, driven by values of customer service, quality, and a dedication to safety.

With Flight One School of Aviation, we are embarking on a journey to create Australia’s leading aviation college – an institution which is singularly focused on delivering quality graduates to industry.

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Flight School

Flight One School of Aviation has been training pilots from around the world for over 40 years. Our syllabus is uniquely to Flight One and is based on realistic scenario-based training that gets you flying navigation exercises in just 5 hours.

Our testing officers, flight instructors and theory trainers are employed full-time and are dedicated to you in the air or on the ground. We love what we do and we’re very good at it – that’s why our pilots are in demand around the world.

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We fundamentally believe that simply having students pass our courses is insufficient; we want our graduates to leave with cutting edge skills, relevant practical and theoretical experience, and exposure to live operations that enable them to head into the workforce with a passion for aviation, safety, and the culture of industry. We see our alumni as the custodians of best practice and the industry’s pre-eminent human resource.

Group CEO, Dr. Lucas Tisdall

Welcome to the Tisdall Aviation Group.

Bound by one philosophy: safety first, safety always.

For more than a decade, the Tisdall Aviation Group has been servicing the Australian aviation industry as a safety-first, compliance-oriented operator and holder of multiple Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) approvals.

Headquartered at Brisbane’s Archerfield Airport, the group’s dynamic national folio of capabilities includes domestic and international pilot training, engineer training and licencing, a nation-wide network of examination centres, aircraft maintenance operations, charter operations and FBO services.

With an underpinning philosophy of transparency and a clear focus on customer service, Tisdall Aviation Group is evolving as a significant, credible force in Australia’s aviation industry. Within our group you can expect to find people enthusiastically embracing the future of global aviation – guided by safety and driven by passion.

Our Fleet.

Tisdall Aviation Group boasts a modern, reliable and diverse fleet of aircraft to service the needs of our pilot trainees and our charter and tour clients across regional Australia.

Our Locations.

Based at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane, Australia, Tisdall Aviation Group has been servicing the Australian aviation industry for over a decade, and today has multi-function bases in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Why Study with Us?

We provide individualised training across the spectrum of aviation, within a large industry-owned aviation group.

Unique Signature Programmes

Across engineering and pilot training we’ve developed customised programmes that deliver the learning, skillsets, & commitment to safety that the aviation industry demands.

Extensive Fleet

Across our group, we operate a fleet of highly-maintained Cessna, Diamond, Beechcraft and Cirrus aircraft, available to students as they progress.

Owned by Industry

Flight One Academy is part of the industry-owned Tisdall Aviation Group, including charter, brokerage, FBO, MRO, and education services.

Pathways to Industry

Flight One Academy works closely with industry to develop academic and career pathways to help graduates expand their studies & experience.

Lifelong Support

Our goal is to support our graduates as lifelong members of the Tisdall Aviation Group Family, and provide a range of programmes across their journey, including RPL & consulting.

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Campuses & Facilities

Tisdall Aviation Group has established high quality campuses boasting top-tier training facilities in Brisbane at Archerfield Airport and at Gold Coast International Airport.

We believe that modern, air-conditioned classrooms and student amenities combined with excellent training equipment and aircraft provide the best basis for a successful pilot student journey.

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The TAG Fleet

Explore the group’s fleet of aircraft.

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